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The Biblical Job

A Paragon of Piety and Excellence

The Biblical Job’s central focus is on the persona of the biblical Job, and it explores several underlining and eternal principles, which became reflected in the life of Job. The book highlights Job’s life from many perspectives, with interesting reflections on his responses to his situation, friends’ judgement, and God’s final appearance. It is not a review or analysis of Job’s vicissitudes or endurance in suffering, but a reflection on a life of nobility, integrity, piousness, and god-fearing attributes that were exhibited throughout this man’s experience.

The book can be used for personal study, individual or group retreats, group discussions, and cell group or fellowship meetings. It will appeal to the matured believer who wants to strengthen his or her walk with God, as well as those new to the faith by offering a wider perspective on one of the most notable characters in the Bible.





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